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 We can ship anywhere, anytime in the USA.    

Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We encourage you to keep in touch so we can help you grow the best possible flowers. There is no such thing as a BLACK THUMB when it comes to growing our Fancy Hibiscus!  Stress from shipping may take 6 to 8 weeks to show up so we guarantee all our plants--ask others why they don't.
Ordering: Since varieties are constantly coming and going in and out of stock, here is how to order:  To order call Winn on the Hibiscus Hotline 954-782-0741; you will know immediately what varieties are available. Call up to 7PM Eastern.         we_acceptcards.gif (1940 bytes)
Wish List: Do you have a "wish list"?  Do you want a variety not listed in the catalog? Just call Winn at 954-782-0741 and we will try to locate it for you. We have many hibiscus friends in South Florida and have access to easily over a thousand (1,000) varieties.
Shipping: We ship UPS or Post Office Priority Mail to arrive in 3 days or less. Usual cost is $2.50 per plant, plus $10.00 (more west of Mississippi River) boxing charge for each shipment.  Of course the further away you are from Pompano Beach Fl., the higher the shipping costs.  Please call for exact charges 954-782-0741
Caring: To help you get started you will receive a "Fancy Hibiscus Helpful Hints" with every order.  Email Winn with any questions on the care of your plants. Better yet, call with any questions 954-782-0741.  Don't forget to water your plants.  Most problems are caused by under watering...water daily - fertilize weekly is our mantra.
Plants: All Fancy Hibiscus are TROPICAL. We sell by variety: size varies. Our plants are in QUART pots with strong  root systems.  We also have several varieties  in 6  inch  1 gallon pots. Call Winn for current size of your selections 954-782-0741

 "Plants are like children. They take time to grow. Watching, tending, and anticipating the outcome is half the fun."  (Ilene Sternberg-noted Philadelphia Garden Columnist)

"Tell your customers that the slower you grow these plants, the faster they will see results...",  Herb F.  Santa Barbara


$25.00 each

 The varieties pictured on the first page of our web site and cover of our color catalog are $25.00....Blues, Browns, Blacks, Greens, Silvers/Grays and Purples. Rare Species and Very New are also$25.00..most varieties featured in our  "On-line Catalog"  are $25.00 and represent your best chances of being in stock...these are the varieties that are great growers and we have a lot of confidence in them.
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Varieties: We are small enough to answer every call personally, and yet large enough to grow more than 7,500 plants available at one time! We have over 300 varieties described in our listings, but they're constantly coming in and out of stock - that's why we emphasize calling Winn to place your order...954-782-0741
Hibiscus Hotline - 954-782-0741
You are invited to e-mail Winn if you have any questions on the care and culture of these tropical beauties that we call Fancy Hibiscus.


Winn Soldani
1142 S.W. 1st Avenue
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060-8706

Telephone: 954-782-0741  Fax: 954-782-7639

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Please call before will always be welcomed but please call to make sure we are around to meet and greet you.

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