THESE varieties are now being evaluated and may be available -- call Winn  @ 954-782-0741 if interested.  Well, not all are new, we just never had room on web to exhibit them or in most cases not enough plants to offer.  If in blue and underlined, click on name to see pictures...please don't be disappointed if your choices are not available.  Pictures will be posted as they become available so check back or call Winn to discuss and order  @ 954-782-0741



Hibiscus floating in a Swimming Pool

Albo Lacinatus-aka La France, Ruth Wilcox and the  Butterfly hibiscus--a "weeping"  plant with size.

Abundant Treasure - double pink white- fast grower and great bloomer.  Out of stock

Alii Uii - original Hawaiian variety beautiful fast growing multi-colored flower

Almost Breathless-a truly beautiful flower-pink with large white eye or white with pink edges--changes configuration every time it blooms.

 Amber Suzanne-big pink and beautiful! One of the all-time favorites.  Out of stock

American Dreams-a very new very dark purple single-very large and very dark. Back in stock.

Angels trumpets-Papi is now making small plants of the peachy Angel's Trumpet a Brugmansia hybrid.

Angel's Wings--show winner in Texas many times...a big white with pink eye and ivory edges --ruffled and textured. Out of stock

Anna Elizabeth - named by famed hybridizer Joe Ludick for his mother...pinks, white/ivory - a loose double - big pretty flower.  Out of stock

Apollo Blue Sky--a big slate blue big single with light red eye.  Out of stock

Arnottianus - fragrant hibiscus  - an old European "Hot House" variety. Finally have a sufficient number available.

Astrology - lilac single with white sots and streaks.  Out of stock

Aurora--coral orangey peachy double - great bush - easy bloomer. BEST ORANGE DOUBLE BLOOM.

Bee Rain - NEW lavender single with pink highlights.

Bessie - best dark red double...has been a consistent performer for the last 25 years.

Bienvenue -- big big fast growing pink red coral with yellow edges.  Out of stock

Big Boss -  peachy coral  pinky big single

Black Baron - biggest darkest black around... grows upright... hard to find - 7 to 9 inch flower-blooms a lot!

Black Beauty -- changes colors daily -  can be dark purple or reddish pink...a blooming fool.  Very Tropical. 

Black Currant - single blue lilac pink with black overtones. Out of stock

Black Dragon -  Hibiscus of the Year-- a flower that's hard to believe is real!! --not easy to grow but great bloomer. Please call to discuss and order.  Very hard to grow. Just found new source of scion wood.  Will take special orders from patient people.

Black Jack--big dark yellowish black single--very very different. Out of stock

Black Knight  - NOW stronger clones from a new plant sent to us from Australia...the Aussie Society's pride and joy!  

Blonde Bomb - yeah! BIG showy beigey peachy double.

Blue Bayou - mini double  gray-blue, a classic beauty. Out of stock

Blue Thunder - dramatic dark blue single with red eye - hard to keep in stock.  Out of stock

Blueberry Hill-one of best blues available.  Big 7 to 9 inch blue - always seems to be blooming.

Bob’s Delight - big  rosy pink loose double - constant bloomer...always pretty.

Bon Jour - great blue gray that grows well and flowers easily.

Bon Temps - great big single rosy pink, pinkish halo and big yellow edges--pronounced BON tom in Cajun French.

Bonnie B - big dark red with yellow edges-an old favorite...trying to build up our stock so may have a few available.  Out of stock

Bridal Party-Large white double - fast grower great bloomer

Bright Beauty- orange and yellows--really pretty...sometimes single sometimes double.  

Brilliant-the definitive "rosa-senisis" variety...probably the widest grown hibiscus in the world--red with dark center.    

Brown Derby - big brown double with a  pinky purplish halo around center...as high as it is wide. OUT OF STOCK

Buff Beauty - cool looking bloom.  Burnt umber??  Gets up to 9 inches...always seems to be flowering

Burnished Gold - largest brownish bronzy bloom...consistently one of our best performers. OUT OF STOCK

Butter Crème - delicious-upright grower. OUT OF STOCK

Byron Metts - biggest, whitest single ever.  Lots of plants available.  Great plant/bush and this flower is a show winner.... sometimes it gets to 12 inches!

C'est bon -- a flower that looks like it was made from cotton candy--grows fast blooms well.

Cafe au Lait-best blooming brown single--red eye-big flower. Out of stock

Cajun Cocktail - coral pink body, darker pink eye with yellow splashes and spots on a large single bloom--a real wower!

Calico Cat - large lavender single with dark eye

Candy -- best single "baby pink"  with white edges.

Capistrano-single white with pink overlay that changes as the day goes on.

Carnation - pretty rosy red pinky fluff ball double.

Carrie Ann - all time favorite big rosy pink double--a show winner  and heart stopper.

Cha-Cha - exotic purple mini--big fast grower

Chad - multi-colored single mini that's always seems to be blooming...we like it -- a lot!  

Charles Schmidt-all time favorite...was Hibiscus of the Year. Bubble gum pink center and body with orange  yellow edges.

Charlie's Angels - best white/wine center single...big and beautiful and great grower.

Chairman Mao-bright red double with yellow edges-very rare

Chartreuse Rose--little green double miniature-has won its share of shows... a green that blooms.

Cherry Blossom - bright white with cherry center.

Cherry Blue - soon to be next best seller because it grows and blooms!

Cherry Ice - gotta see it to believe it! Dark cherry red with white spots and a great bush.

 Chinese Lantern - rare species from East Africa--different in many ways from your usual hibiscus flower.

Christmas Frost--best growing red with white streaks--big flower big grower.

Cinderella - brand new large single white with pink blushes--7 to 9 inch flowers. 

City Slicker - Unusual banded coloration - back in stock - great bloomer...looks a lot like Night Runner.

Cloud Burst - large rosy full double...grows fast.

Coloring Book - great double...7 colors. Really good bloomer.  

Cosmic Dancer - Multi-colored banded orange yellow with dark center...large single. Changes color - lighter in afternoon...grows fast and great bloomer

Cranberry Ice - it's red - really red

Creole Darlin'- big rosy single with dark center and pink halo.

Creole Lady - spectacular multi-colored grey with orange edges that turn YELLOW in afternoon.

Creole Flame - dark gumbo roux mini-double...love it!! We won more awards with this beautiful flower than all our  other awards combined.

 Crimson Rays  - a real show stopper...bright yellow with crimson "rays" emanating from center eye

Crimson Rays  II -  also called Improved Crimson Rays and Harvest Sunset...

Cross Fire - easily best single orange--same color as the RALPH LAUREN Orange POLO shirts

Daddy's Girl - a gray silver single with reddish edges that overlap--changes colors as the day goeson--easy to grow.

Dainty Pink-metallic pink mini...also called Pink La France

Dainty White-nothing but white-purest white around. Also called White La France.

Dancing Fire - best double ever - when it blooms it will take your breath away. Will take special order since it is a lousy growing variety.

Daniel-big single red with yellow edges-fast growing and good bloomer.

Delores Del Rio-mini blue purple double

Donna Lynn - a favorite gray -- orange to yellow edges? Love it! 

Double Hula Girl - double yellow with red center - a fast growing easy blooming large double.

Early Morning--large cup and saucer double red with white lace...fast growing spectacular bloomer.

Early Times-spiffy double orange-kinda Burbon colored..nice. 

Easy Magic-large yellowish greenish single with spots and a dark eye and a gray halo...magically beautiful!

El Capitolio (Red) aka Poodle Flower-most unusual hibiscus flower...like 2 flowers in one.

El Capitolio Sport (Orange) - same Poodle Flower different color.  OUT OF STOCK

Elderberry---pinky lavender giant single

Elephant Ears - all time best double white--has a fragrance...??? Great for living fences and hedges.

Envie-big single-serious collectors know this one.

Erica Nicole- Pastel pink with white spots- Hibiscus of the year.

Escapades - new coral orange yellow 7 to 9 inch flower...streaky configuration...??  

Estelle K - orange single - great flower - an orange that will fill your soul...rimmed with  a "coral" band. OUT OF STOCK

Exotic Lavender Lady - pretty pretty lavender blue double...fast growing.

Fairy Tale - large single fuscias and pinks with dramatic dark eye

Fancy Orange -  7 to 9 inch exquisite looking orange single with darker orange eye...keep forgetting to take a picture of the bloom.

Fantasy Charm - very large metallic pink fuscia with white edges ----previous Hibiscus of the year OUT OF STOCK

Fantasy World - a large black double WOW!  Fast grower and an easy bloomer.

Feelin' Blue - darkest blue single - great grower -blooms readily.

Fifth Brigade - nice large dark red single

Fifth Dimension -- no picture can ever capture the beauty of this flower...easily America's favorite hybrid. 

Fireworks -- a double All Aglow

Fiji Island --   an original "species"... windmill shaped dark purple.

Flame Ball - big multi-colored double- the hybridizer claims it has a fragrance in his greenhouse.

Funny Voodoo - large single with dramatic colors of purple, black and browns...very different.  OUT OF STOCK

Garnet and Gold - FSU Seminoles' colors!!

Gator Magic - double blue with gold/orange edges.

Gator Pride - for the U of Florida fans!

Geaux Tigers - purple and gold-new addition from a LSU fan.

Gerald Doerr-from Australia. OUT OF STOCK

Georgia's Pearl - past Hibiscus of the Year-one of the best orange multi-hued blooms - big flower!

Gianormous-largest flower in our collection--sometimes gets to 14 inches across.  Pinkish with small eye

Gil Whitton - oldie big red single with a really large dark eye.

Gina Marie  -  pink with white- Hibiscus of the Year

Gold Rain -  very very pretty coral red double with a white center and gold splashes.

Golden Dreams - very large golden rod single with dark eye large red halo -great grower and bloomer.

Great White -- one of largest hibiscus flowers ever!  Back in stock good grower.

Halley's Comet---  double red with yellow edges

Harry Collins-large single yellow with coral shadings and yellow veins-always seems to be blooming.

Harvest Moon - best all around double yellow, terrific plant that blooms easily.

Hawaiian Fantasy - great red single with  gold spots (sometimes).

Hawaiian Salmon - species -flower petals look like they were cut with pinking shears.

Heartbreak Hotel - old favorite dark red with yellow splashes

Herm Geller - finest largest brown -- all time show winner

High Definition - double All Aglow type- orange with yellow splashes.

Hilo Island-Hawaiian state flower-lighter than Canary yellow orchid shaped double...hibiscus with a fragrance. OUT OF STOCK

Hi  Voltage - past winner Hibiscus of the Year and one of the best ever because it BLOOMS!! OUT OF STOCK

Hills of Gold - every one knows how  rare double yellows are and this year we have tried to stockpile them for you...running out fast.

Hilo Island - lightly scented double yellow from Hawaii - Hawaiian State Flower.

Holly's Pride - pretty orange double

Hot Red - variegated dark red LEAVES - back in stock.

Hot Ticket - hot red single with white center...even prettier than its picture.  OUT OF STOCK

Hula Girl  - finest yellow single...rare...Hawaii's favorite hibiscus!  We have it - nobody else does!

Hula Girl Double-best double yellow -has red center.

Infatuation-single pink with broad white edges - some spots and lace.

Island Passion-large single coral with gold specks and pink center.

Janys - fuscia single -  breath taking!  One of our top performers.

Japanese Lantern - a species from eastern Africa... also called Chinese Lantern, Skeleton flower, Japanese Lantern.  fast growing and limbs arch/weep... flowers hang down like parachutes.

Jason--if we ever get a really good picture, it would be impossible to grow enough Jason plants...easily our favorite.

Jason Blue - gold single with a silver eye...found a new stock plant.

Jason B - lilac single  Out of stock

Jason's Triumph-single purple with white spots--great grower. Very unusual  Out of stock

Jean Patrick - beautiful pink white single that sometimes gets a "flag" (extra petaloids) where pollen should be...nice bush.

Jolanda Gommer - new special rare variety from Europe.

July Fireworks -  big dark red single.

June's Joy -- Maria thinks it's a happy flower...you will smile when you see it bloom! OUT OF STOCK

June's Dragon - up for Hibiscus of the year - dark enter dramatic red body with yellow edges-8 to 10 inch bloom with great bush.

Key Largo - sounds promising doesn't it?

Kinchen's Yellow - guaranteed to take your breath away!

Kona - best double pink-grows fast - expect mucho blooms from this all time favorite.

Kylie Ritchie - large single red with yellow splashes on a tight compact bush--a real winner.

Lady Bird - great looking red with dark center and yellow edges. 

La France - a tree hibiscus.

Lagos - worldwide favorite...orange single with darker eye.

Lemon Ball -- fastest growing double yellow--Our non-tropical friends tell us yellow doubles are rare and hard to find...not so in our neighborhood.

Lemon Bay-can't wait to see this bloom-sounds interesting.

Lemon Drop - another name for Saffron Moon

Lemon Grass - greenish single - fast growing

Light My Fire-really big orange single with dark eye.

Lights of Vegas - red coral with great yellow lacing spots and drama.

Louisiana Flash-single red with really dark center

Love Pat-fast growing easy blooming large showy flowers

Love Potion-beautiful double white.

Lucky Lady-loose double orange yellow sometimes beige pink yellow and wow! Different every time it blooms-sometimes a large single sometimes a loose double---always WOW!

Madame Butterfly

Madame DuPont - big purple that doesn't know if it is a single or a double.

Madeleine-dark centered rosy red single 8 to 10 inch flower with edges of  coral peachy beige.

Magnifique - unusual purple double --great bush and blooms a lot  6 inch plus flowers.

Marilyn Quayle-very large  purple single

Maroon Stars -  wow!  Single red with black eye and gold spots and specks --gets to be almost 10 inches.

Mary Morgan-large fluffy pinkish lilac double.

Masked Bandit--black brown and orange.  Best brown ever.

Mejor - none better...single  ivory with dark wine center-8 to 10 inch flower

Melon - best orange single around...8 to 10 inch ruffled bloom.

Meteorite - one of best multi-colored flowers around-large and flashy.

Midnight Serenade-very beautiful banded brown large 7 to 9 inch single with red towards edge...best brown as a grower and bloomer.

Midnight Shadow - finally a flower that is aptly named--dark brown with black over tones or "shadows".  Easy grower.

Midnight Sun - light colored single tan with GREEN overtones.

Mini Skirt- dark pink with white spots. OUT OF STOCK

Misfire - very unusual green (?) brown single. 7 to 9 inch dramatic flower. OUT OF STOCK

Miss Gaudy-dark eye and strange colors

Mr. Ace - one of best purple singles - one of our top sellers-great bloomer!

Miss Liberty- large red single with white lace edges-great for setting seeds and making new varieties. OUT OF STOCK

Misty White-crepe paper pure white FLUFFY DOUBLE.  Grows fast blooms a lot

Misty Pink - same shape as Misty White but with pink base petals...fast growing.

Moon Dance - orchid shaped loose double yellow with white center.

Moon Walk - bubble gum pink with yellow edges--WOW!!

Mt Shasta - big white double from long ago.

My Guy - suppose to be a real WOW!  Can't wait to see it bloom. Great picture.

My Maria -  lovely double orange. 

Mystic Splendor - big double Yellows  dark oranges and sometime corals--really impressive bush.

Nairobi-old favorite orange with dark center.

Nanette Peach - orchid shaped pink/white double. Should be called Nanette Pink.  OUT OF STOCK

Nan Too - large red double with beige edges. Dark red double -- white spots in cooler weather...dramatically breathtaking! Out of stock

Nightfire  -  Nightfire is rapidly becoming our top seller-slow growing bush-blooms easily...supplies are always very low.

Night Runner -- WOW- back in stock!  But not for long--will take special orders now...

Norman Lee - ALL time favorite-pink with broad yellow edges-big flower. OUT OF STOCK

Northern Lights -- Largest yellow single, sometimes over 10 inches with small red eye.

Orange Cappuccino--as pretty as its name-- 7 to 9 inch and sometimes larger orange with a sparkling white center--blooms like a fool!

Orange  Delite - beautiful orange singe 7 to 9 inches with coral center, pink halo grows fast and blooms easily

Orange Gloria - A sport of President - best blooming orange flower ever! 

Orange Orchid - best double orange around -grows fast blooms great.

Ora Verde -- a big single greeny orange with a greenish eye and zone - really really big flower. Out of Stock

Panorama--Featured at Longwood Gardens -- a big coral  ROSY ORANGEY/RED  double...very large -- weighed one that was almost 12 ozs!!

Path-all time favorite...featured in amusement parks and public places world wide.  Prettier than any picture.

Patrick - rosy pinky fuscia single with silver eye--AKA Silver Rose

Paul Bunyan - large brown single with red eye and gray/silver halo and gold veins in the morning.

Persimmon-big double orange - as big and as pretty as a ...persimmon

Pink Frost--as pink as a baby's ....lips...large very beautiful double--great growers and one of the best doubles as a bloomer

Pink on the Mountain-unusual single blue lilac with pink lace. Out of Stock

Polynesian Mai Tai - double orange with maybe a white center and sometimes yellow spots and streaks

Prima Ballerina - shaped like her name- dark red/maroon with beige edges. Out of Stock

Prom Girl--big creamy white double.

Prom Queen - gigantic light pink double-wow!!

Purple Goddess-big purple that grows fast and is really really big and purple.

Purple Majesty - best red purple around - lots of spots - 7 to 9 inch blooms with a great bush.

Queen of Tahiti-fall in love with the flower that changed the world.

Raspberry Lemonade-large single raspberry center lemonade body and orange edges.

Razzle Dazzle - spectacular multi-colored dark red/yellow splashed large single-past winner Hibiscus of the Year.  Flowers are a different configuration and size every time it blooms.

Red Carpet-largest single pure red around

Red Snapper-big double red with white spots-former Hibiscus of the Year and was on the cover of several magazines.

Renaissance Blue-large bluish silver single.

Ring of Fire - wow - Black center scarlet body with yellow edges and spots all over. Out of stock

Rojana - beautiful bright rosy pink single, -fuchsia?--grows and blooms














































































































































































































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Romeo - large single gray with pink edges and really dark center--dramatic.

Rosalind - multi-colored double-orange yellow--many colors many blooms.  One of the best compact growing varieties.

Rose of China-  Double puff ball pastel pink given to us by the Chinese Ambassador to the USA when we did a show in Washington DC.

Ross Estey - from Hawaii...coral peachy pink single--one of first Hawaiian Hybrids to hit it big in the US. Promoted in Los Angeles as variety that is slightly more cold resistant than the usual hybrid hibiscus...not frost proof, just hardier.

Rum Runner  -- featured in newspapers articles across the USA--changes colors as the day progresses.

Ruth Wilcox-from Hawaii- a white scented flower with small red throat. Rare and Unusual and SPECIAL.

Saffron Moon-biggest prettiest double yellow flower - really  pretty.

Schizopetalus also called Chinese Lantern - most unusual of all hibiscus flowers- a species out of East Africa--ancient and strange.

Sliver Memories  - one of the prettiest blooms ever-guaranteed to take your breath away. Will take special orders.

Silver Shadow-old favorite revived! One of the first ever silvers and still one of the best.

Silver Charm - big white double.

Snow Queen  - small red flowers that look like parachutes --more importantly,  has variegated  green and white leaves. 

Spin-the-Bottle - multi-colored orange yellow flower-7 to 9 inches and blooms like a fool...most dramatic "bush"-fast growing and lush foiliage.

Standing Ovation - full double red with yellow edges--WOW!

Stolen Kiss-large single beige pink with dark red eye and pink halo and edges--fast growing and easy bloomer-real winner

Stuffed Jalapeno - new hot single

Summer Love-this one will make you all tingly-spectacular.

Sunny Dazs-large carnary yellow single with light red eye and white halo.

Sun Showers-a most spectacular red/coral with yellow splashes-sometimes with a white eye.   

Super Star--one of largest single yellow...red center-like a target.

Swamp Music--intriguing name for a large purple flower

Sweet Pink-very pretty double pink with lighter pink body

Sweet Violet-darkest true purple/violet miniature that blooms all the time!  OUT OF STOCK

Sweet Potato Pie - it looks like a yam, that orangey brown greeny  -- beautiful bush

Tahitian Taui -- big and purple and hard to get.  Out of stock  

Tarantella-- very large pink single, white edges...8 to 12 inches  Blooms like a fool.

The Path-all time favorite- large easy growing freely blooming single.

Time for Magic  -  a green double...YES a green double.  

Tomahawk - big orange single dark red center. Always seems to be blooming. This is the first plant you see when you enter our nursery. Blooms like a fool.

Top Knot - double light red....8 inches wide and 5 inches high.

Topaz Glory - great brown used in hybridizing...a brown that blooms!  OUT OF STOCK

Touch of Class - classy!! Banded 7 to 9 inch flower

Tradewinds - easily one of the largest  flower around-red eye - pink halo - burnt orange body  and orange edges.    

Tylene - still the best blue single...7 to 9 inches...sells so fast that it is difficult  to keep in stock.

Volcano Rain-big fire red single with yellow streaks-different shape and configuration every time it blooms-highly recommended.

Volcano Eruption-very beautiful red single with yellow spots, lace, streaks and all that stuff. 

Voodoo Magic-deep dark mystical color combination on a big flower.

Wall Flower - Military  green??? Pink center with gray halo. OUT OF STOCK

 White Diamonds - single dark blue with white spots--spotting is different every time it blooms...6 to 8 inch flower. Out of stock

White Wings  - blooms like a fool! AKA Hawaiian Dot.

White Kalak'ua -- best double white probably an Hawaiian species

Work of Art - A large orange yellow coral wacko that changes with every flowering...7 to 9 inch single-great bush.

Yellow Delite-happy Hawaiian, probably the original classic yellow hibiscus

Yellow Lagos - 5 inch bright yellow flowers with red throats that always seem to be blooming.

Yoda - a strange green flower

Zoë -(ZOEY)-single flower in pinks and whites and sometimes streaks-sometimes more white than pink.



And many more varieties on the way.

ALL FANCY HIBISCUS are TROPICAL. These plants must be protected from freezing temperatures.