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7 to 9 inches. Single bright fuscia pink with metallic pink center and edge. Sometimes the body has "black" overlay.

To order call Winn @ 954-782-0741

Janysspecial.JPG (20864 bytes) Sometimes early in the day, you will notice a black cast over the bloom...very dramatic.

HERE'S what a collector from TX has to say about his Janys;

Hi Winn,

When I ordered "Janys" from you this spring I had trouble believing that it could be as beautiful as the picture in your on-line catalog.  I am sending two pictures back to you of blooms I had this week.  I held the blooms up to the computer screen to make sure that the color of the flower was the same as the photo.  If anything, the flower was even more glowing!  What a spectacular blossom!!!  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Clay McG... Carrollton, Tx