This is a Christmas picture of Seamus Soldani, our son and daughter-in-law's Giant-Schnauzer.  Seamus lives in Evanston, IL  just north of Chicago close to Lake Michigan.

Notice the 2 pathetic hibiscus plants against the wall.  

These plants were sent to Evanston in the Springtime and they did really well outside but slowly declined after being brought into the Sunroom.  After seeing this picture and some gentle prodding from Dad, my son decided to pay more attention to his plants...and he kept notes.  Here's his plan...


The plants were looking pitiful so here's what I did:

Feb. - March:  Osmocote Vegetable and Bedding plant food, 14-14-14, at double strength.  Daily watering.  WEEKLY feedings of Miracle Gro General Purpose fertilizer.  


April-July: Spray daily/every other day with MiracleGro Tomato plant food at double strength  Water daily/every other as necessary. WEEKLY feedings of Miracle Gro General Purpose fertilizer.  


July-on--SPRAY leaves daily/every other day with double strength MiracleGro bloom buster. WEEKLY feedings of Miracle Gro General Purpose fertilizer  
Really don't think I'd be having the blooms I do without spending so much time to get the plants growing.




CHERRY ICE -- look at the size of the leaves.  LOTS and  lots of nitrogen help make them healthy green and vigorous.
CHERRY ICE--a bloom with another one coming--that's when it' becomes fun!


Here's Seamus with the two plants that were behind him in  the  first picture above.  The one blooming is COUNTRY MUSIC.  The  plants are almost as large as he is!! 
This is what all four plants are looking like--hope it doesn't get cold up there soon.


April , 2005 and the plants have survived another Chicago area winter...notice the Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) picture from one of our excursions to Key Marathon. 
This variety is known as 10:37--no we don't name them, just reproduce the good ones.


                  Moral to this story---

    If your plant isn't flowering, feed it.