Comments from Happy Customers

If you have any questions about your hibiscus, just email Winn


Tim H---You know what I like best about your company? You don't photo-shop your pics. What I receive looks exactly like your web pics.  Or!

NIGHTFIRE--I always tell people that the pictures don't nearly capture the true beauty of these amazing flowers. 


July, 2015

Just wanted to let you know the Hibiscus arrived the other day and looks BEAUTIFUL! She is doing great.
Thank you again for be such a great place to shop! You ROCK! I will continue tell anyone that will listen you are the place to go and get the best!
Thank you

Melissa R. B. 


Winn, this is Lori from Wyoming. I am so in love with these beautiful hibiscus. They are my babies. So 4 of the 7 have bloomed, some twice now. The only 2 that donít have flower buds were the smaller ones we got. Night fire and 5th dimension. The Path is getting ready to bloom so I am so excited. We have had a lot of thunderstorms with hail and they got beat up once so I have been keeping them in my greenhouse where they are flourishing. We got the tree & shrub protect & feed and followed your instructions. These beauties are fed every Monday with the 20-20-20 fertilizer. The leaves are a deep green. Creole Lady, Sun Showers, Purple Majesty, Nightfire, 5th Dimension, The Path, Ginormous. We thank you so very much for these beautiful tropicals. Lori & Val


Just picked up the hibiscus plants from the post office.  As I opened the box and carefully took the plants out I marveled at the size of them and health of them. Thank you for fulfilling your promise they are just beautiful.  I was very pleased that flower buds are showing !


Frank - April  NOTE: Frank ordered his plants last Fall and we were able to get larger plants to him.

Love this, Winn!  It's huge.  Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life.
I love my hibiscus.

Meryl W., Bonita Springs, FL

Magnifique - unusual purple double --great bush and blooms a lot - 6 inch plus flowers.

Hello Winn, I thought you'd like seeing my first Cherry Blue bloom, so beautiful & unique! Thank you for helping me out on my hibiscus! Carrie P., Rockledge, Fl.


Dear Winn,

My wife I received our order. The Tahitian Taui, Red Carpet, and Mr. Ace. They look fantastic! Super healthy and adapting the Southern CA weather beautifully. New leaves popping out all over. Could you tell me, which one gets the tallest and is there one of these that might be more shade tolerant than the others?
The H.arnottianus you gave me free of charge (so nice of you) did not fare so well, apparently moved around a bit in shipping and all of its little branches and leaves were broken. The good news is, it has several little leaf clusters starting to pop out of the trunk and I think its going to make it! I will tell all of my friends about your high quality products. It was great talking to you as well.

Tim L.
Lake Forest, CA


Hi Winn,
Sorry if my inquiries and emails to you seem excessive, thank you for always replying so quickly. I have a hard time refraining myself from telling you how much I have enjoyed your hibiscus varieties! When my METEORITE first showed up, you warned me that it would be "puny" but if I followed your instructions it would turn into a beautiful plant. We ordered this back in the spring of 2014 and by September it is simply amazing! This plant currently has 20 buds on it, 21 including the flower. The flowers on all the plants you have shipped are actually better looking than what you show on your web page! I hope that this testimonial will benefit others that are interested in purchasing varieties from your website. Please feel free to post if you wish. Thank you for helping make my patio so beautiful!

Tim H.
Austin, TX

The hibiscus I bought from you had its first bloom last week.  The bloom was larger than the whole plant!
Thought you'd like to see a picture of it.


Winn - I'm very surprised to find myself sending feedback about a plant, but nonetheless here I am anyway. You warned me when I bought these new varieties that they were very small, so I determined to be patient, focus on rooting this season, and not expect blooms. Mr. Ace gave me a nice surprise this morning. I cant find my cords for my digital camera, so this snapshot is from a mediocre cell phone.... hoping to get much better view later.
Hi Winn - The Orange Cappuccino Greg brought me is doing great--Greg thought you would enjoy seeing the plant he brought me this last time.  What a bloomer.  Two more buds opened today.

Karen..The Villages FL.

WINN - They just arrived I watered,  let drain and just letting sit in ceramic pots because so windy.  love them , just so healthy best plants ever ordered thank you I'm sure will be back for more. Will send pics when they bloom . Dollie H. Omaha, Ne.

Hi Winn

Itís been a while since I received my three beautiful babies from you Ė just wanted to say thanks and tell you how happy I am to be the proud owner of these hibiscus! They are growing very well and look quite happy in their new digs. One has a couple of buds coming out Ė canít wait to see the flowers! Keep up the great work, Winn, and if youíre ever in the area, look me up! Iím usually found at the courthouse or in my yard. J Take care.

Judge Susan




Hi Winn:


Thank you so much for time and quick response. I will watch when I water to see if the drainage is as good as I think it is. Evidently I need to give more TLC during the hot summer months.

I meant to tell you about a plant that I ordered a couple of years ago that I sent to a friend in Beaumont, TX.  That is the most beautiful flower I have even seen. There are days that she has 8 to 10 blooms; large and bright colors. I canít remember the name ---- but absolutely beautiful! Iím going to have her to send me a picture so I can send it to you.

You produce the most beautiful plants and flowers of ANYONE!!!!

Thanks for your help.

Karen R., San Antonio


Hi Winn,

Thank you so very much for your help with this very important selection, your professionalism and expertise is much appreciated!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

All the best,
Erica A.

Myakka City,FL



I also wanted to thank you for the buying experience. My home is new and I'm spending a fortune on plants to get things off the ground. So far, you are the ONLY on-line vendor who shipped when they said, shipped with CARE, and I was most impressed with the instructions you put in the shipping packaging. I seems very odd for me to say this, but the hibiscus I bought from you have a special place I think.... feel like I am raising children or something! Something about the experience of buying from you personally, the care you took with shipping, the CLEAR instructions (especially for a gardening newbie) -I have a special place for these plants and am most happy with my purchases!

St Petersburg, FL

Thank you sooooooo much Winn! I received the plants yesterday. I really appreciate how great you've been. I watered with fertilizer last night and hope to have better success this time around.

I'll be in touch:-):-):-)
Dr. E

Las Vegas


Hi, Winn,

Iím so excited. My special plant came today and it looks great. Iím going to pot it tomorrow. What fun.
I remembered a couple other names that I got from Teas Nursery in Houston back in the 80s and early 90s. I saw on your site that you still carry them... They were some of the more popular ones. Brings back memories. But things are so much more advanced since then and the varieties are incredible. 
I take lots of photos so I will send you some when my baby starts blooming! Thanks for the great service. We will definitely be doing business again.
Carolyn C.
 Franklin TX

Hi Winn,

The plants arrived today in great shape -- perfect. Thanks for the instruction sheet. I would never have known not to repot them. That is so interesting how they will thrive as pot-bound. Can't wait to watch them grow and bloom. Thanks so much for the great customer service and high level of TLC!
Meredith and Mark

Bethesda, MD


Hello Winn,
I was very excited to see the package this evening.& when I opened it, a beautiful healthy plant inside gave me a thrill.
 Thanks very much. I have watered it and kept it outside . It had one bloom in the box and another one set to bloom tomorrow. A few bruised leaves but is in good condition.
As you mentioned, I have not repotted it. I do see roots coming out the bottom and it is going to be set on a concrete driveway.
Thanks again for the lovely plant.
L.M, Dubuque Ia..

Hi Winn, I just wanted to let you know that I received the plants and they all looked great. Even little voodoo magic. I have them all outside and they are all doing fine. Voodoo Magic is already putting out a new leaf. Thanks for sending one with a bud, it looks like it will bloom in a few days. I'm sure we will be doing future business. Take car

Russ L., Trenton MI.


Good morning Winn.  Just an update to inform you that I received the hibiscus yesterday afternoon.  I really appreciate your picking out and sending to me such beautiful plants. They exceeded my expect ions. I look forward to raising them to their full blooming potential.

Frank M., Spring Hill KS.
Sent from my iPad

Dear Winn,

After talking to you on the phone and sitting down for a while, I decided a phone call was not enough. The plants arrived in PRISTINE condition. I was amazed at the maturity and amount of foliage of each plant. Your product looks great!!! The suspense in waiting for the other varieties is going to kill me, but that's all the fun, RIGHT?
Again, Thank You!!! for the wonderful plants,
Trey, Laredo TX
P.S. Remember-You can never have enough friends-If you ever need anything from Texas-JUST PICK UP THE PHONE!!!

Hi Winn,

The plants arrived today in great shape. Wow, you really packed them
well - just some loose potting soil, which is to be expected. I gave them
a good drink, and now they are resting in a shaded part of my greenhouse.
I'll give them more sun in a day or two.
Thank-you so much for the extra plant, grafting knife, banding strips and
posters. I really appreciate it. Now I understand why you're so highly
regarded in the hibiscus trade.
I'll definitely be back for more plants - I'm already making a list and
prioritizing my choices. I'll keep in touch, especially for more grafting
tips. Thanks again Winn!
-Mike Y. Far West 2/14


Winn. I ordered last fall for here in northern Illinois and keeping Super Star in a south window and a compact florescent on a 12 hour timer over it I have had many blooms and a foot of new growth. Thanks for the words of encouragement, I feel like an expert. Its springtime and I'll be calling to order more. Thanks Mike N.

I received my two Nightfire Hibiscus about 3-4 weeks ago.  They arrived in
great shape and have acclimated to their new environment.  I had to share
the beautiful photo of the Nightfire's absolutely amazing.  The
colors are breath taking!  This photo is deserving of an enlargement or a
photo contest!

Thanks again for your beautiful plants and I shall continue to share my
photos with you.

Kim A

Southern Illinois





Good morning Winn,

OMG!  You are ABSOLUTELY right!  A photograph CANNOT do justice in capturing the beauty of the magnificent color in these hibiscus.  Our Nightfire, our first bloomer, bloomed yesterday.  I tried to catch its beauty with my camera and I just FAILED miserably! 

So...the people I'm going to show the photos to will just have to be satisfied with the photos...or come to the house to REALLY see its beauty!
Thanks so much!  The rest of the group are doing well.  No negative surprises thus far.  I'll keep you posted!
Have a great day!
David, Jacksonville Fl

Dear Winn,
     I have been ordering Hibiscus plants from many different places but I had to write to tell you that the service and the plants you sent me were the best. One company sent me a 3 inch high hibiscus and another took almost 4 weeks to deliver my plants. I received the plants I ordered from you within 7 days and the plants were beautiful. I am ordering all of my future plants from you. Thanks for great service and plants.

Tony T.,  New Orleans, La

Hey Winn,
Hope you are enjoying the holiday! I am enjoying another beautiful bloom on my Voodoo Magic. It is amazing that it just keeps putting out more and more fantastic blooms. I love seeing the colors change as it warms up here. We had snow and ice on May 3 this year so my plants aren't sure if it is really spring.I did want to brag a little with the latest bloom. I moved everything outside and re-potted the little ones and it keeps on blooming!
Craig is re-building my greenhouse to be permanent so I will be able to expand my little collection. 
Terri Jones




Thank you Winn!!!!
My trees are so beautiful. (DAINTY WHITE)
I have tons of little blossoms ready to bloom!
Hard to believe I got these just the other day.
I LOVE these little guys!
Your instructions make it so easy

LINDA C., Conroe, TX


Winn here's a couple of the plant's that we purchased from you last year. They are really showing results with your fertilizing instructions. Thanks for all your help, time and patience that you have had with me and all my questions. Hope you like the results as much as I. I used Rene's face as an example for a size comparison. Rainbow Christie - Night Fire - and a nice size Fiji.

Thanks again for all your guidance.
Galveston Isle, Texas





Dear Winn, You are my hero!  I have been growing Hibiscus for more years than I can count and I have always just "wintered them over" waiting for Spring when I can go into action and pump them up for the "big show".  ...dismal.  When you told me that if I fertilize in the winter they will bloom all year round I had my serious doubts "(maybe in Florida, but in New Jersey? I said to myself" (ever the skeptic).  You were right and I was blissfully wrong.  I have been fertilizing and my house is a veritable garden of earthly delight.  I wake up in the morning and there are flowers blooming all over my bedroom - what a privilege.  Some people wake up to an alarm and shades of winter gray - I get flowers in the snow....does God love me or what?  Hot Ross is a sensation and once again I am so glad that I trusted your judgment when you suggested her.  You have given me a tremendous amount of joy and I am grateful.  Thanks for brightening my world, Sincerely Carole

O.K.., Winn. You win. Your plants are the best I've seen!! I can't wait to see
them bloom. I'll be ordering more soon. Sally C.   (Punta Gorda, Fla.)

"The pictures are gorgeous and the flowers are PRETTIER!! Thanks.
Diane W., Chandon, OH

Thought you'd like another angle/shot of a Nightfire for your web site if you want it.  This is it's first bloom, I believe.
Joe, Ruskin Fl.


Hi Winn,
Wanda from Winter Haven here.

These are the Tarantellas that I bought myself for Christmas last 
year. Thought you might like to see them.  I need to call you sometime 
this week and find out how to repot this little "angel".

NOTICE Wanda kept her plant in the (shipping) quart pot for faster growth and blooming...WINN


Some photos for your archive of Tylene which I purchased from you 7 years ago.   Please feel free to use on your site.


Joe, Abingdon Maryland



HI Winn
This is Laura - I visited you last week and bought 4 plants.  Here's the first bloom from one of my plants.  It's gorgeous and measures 10" across.  Thank you for recommending this plant, I LOVE it.
Laura M, Boca Raton Fl



  It's only been 18 days
since I put my hibiscus in the  ground and I got my first bloom today, Louise Bennett, and it looks great.  Thanks again for bringing beauty to my flower beds.
A very satisfied customer,
David N...... Honolulu, Hawaii
Tammy says...


I think it is gorgeous! I've only had the plant for a couple of weeks and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The flower is nearly twice the size of the hibiscus blooms on the plants from the local do-it-yourself shop and much more beautiful. My husband warned me against ordering plants online but I'm glad I didn't listen to him. I can't take my eyes off of it.


"First, we grow to raise something pretty or tasty or green. Yet given time and a little grace, we might find our plants begin to return the favor. In time, it begins to dawn that we're as much the Garden as they are: cultivating strength and clarity; patience and vision... In the long haul, it seems to me it's *they* who're tending *us*." --  Rob Ford
Thanks again!


Hey Winn,

      Received the plants and they were as advertised. Thanks, I'm very satisfied.


Hi Winn,

Thank you so much for the plants this year. The plant "Candy" bloomed this morning.
I think I have enough for this year and I look forward to seeing what you will have next spring. Now I just have to see what plants makes it through the winter. I don't know if the attachment will get to you but they show the plants I have this year.
take care, and thanks again,
Karen, Va.

Thanks so much for sending us such delicious plants.  You're the best!!
Hannah Neville

Hi Winn,

     Just wanted to let you know how much my mother in law loved the hibiscus we ordered from you for her birthday! It arrived yesterday evening just as you said it would! She said that you had done a beautiful job of securing and wrapping it for delivery!
   She also loved the pictures that you sent her, especially the one of "Night Fire" We want to thank you so much for taking the extra time for your customers, and the time you spent in making her the picture, since she has no internet service.
   I need to warn you though!!! She is part of that Red Hat group of women, and is planning on taking it with her when it blooms! I'm sure you know about them.....their big thing is Red and Purple! they normally wear all kinds of crazy hats with red feathers on a purple hat!
   Night Fire will fit in beautifully! Hey'll have all these red hat ladies wanting to buy your hibiscus!!!!
                                                                              Again....we thank you and we'll be BACK 
                                                                                      Patrick and Betty D.
HELLO WINN--My Silver Memory and my Rainbow Christie have just bloomed.
They are beautiful.
You have the most incredible healthy plants.
Dr. Perez, Beverly Hill, Calif

Mom loves the plants! Thanks for everything Winn , you have earned a new customer!


Sincerely, Dean


From: Dianne  


I'm home now and the happy owner of two yellow "hula girl" hibiscus plants. Thanks! They look great. LOVE YOU! Your birthday's next!


Love, Mom

Dear Winn
I have just received another beautifully packed order filled with 10 different varieties of nice mature plants. In fact, three of the plants already had blooms on them before they were shipped out. KUDOS to Winn and his team!!!
I have been doing business with Fancy Hibiscus since April of this year. Every phone conversation and e-mail are answered honestly and quickly. This is a prime example of someone who cares about what he is doing and the people he is doing it with!
Thanks Again Winn!!!,
Trey, Texas
P.S. I will begin preparing another order very soon!



Hey Winn-just to let you know I got my Nightfire last Friday and its in great shape. know I will take good care and it will flourish. thanks again. look fwd to doing future business with you and refer friends as well. regards, tom in Cheektowaga (buffalo) ny.


Hi Winn, When I ordered "Janys" from you this spring I had trouble believing that it could be as beautiful as the picture in your on-line catalog.  I am sending two pictures back to you of blooms I had this week.  I held the blooms up to the computer screen to make sure that the color of the flower was the same as the photo.  If anything, the flower was even more glowing!  What a spectacular blossom!!!  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Clay McG., Carrollton, TX.

Winn, I received the plants yesterday.  They almost looked like they were fake, they are so green.  How will I know when they are ready to go into a bigger pots?
Thank you - Jan S., Liberty Hill, TX

Hi Winn,,,,great looking plants thx.   Thanks for all your help. well beyond the call of duty!!!!!!!!  regds ..Peter F. West Coast of Florida

Winn, I just have to tell you what a beautiful plant I received. It is doing well as I have put it in my yard and nary a yellow leaf. Its doing well and I'm pleased I found you on the Internet.  George N., Key West

We acquired our first 2 plants from you last May (Norman Lee and Mr. Ace) and had a very successful summer with them.  In the fall (we live in upstate New York) I spoke with you and per your instructions we moved them indoors to a secure location under grow lights and have misted them daily with a watered down fish emulsion mixture as well as daily watering (we alternate days with one day being a Miracle Grow diluted solution and the other day being room temperature water).  Of course we have the pots elevated so that all of the excess solutions pass over the roots and into a container under the plant.   As we near spring I've increased the amount of light and must say that they have responded tremendously to all of the extra care--as a matter of fact we had to cut back a couple of the branches on the Mr. Ace to make it more uniform and they have totally grown back with new foliage in about 6 weeks.

Can't wait to get our new plants next month when the weather warms up.

Sincerely  Kim and Matt M. in Upper New York State

WINN----Happy with my Tylene - no, ecstatic is more like it.  It is truly spectacular.  Greg D. MN

I've been meaning to let you know that the hibiscus plants you sent us are FABULOUS!  I've never had plants with such huge and beautifully colorful blooms.   We've been experiencing an especially rainy weather over the last month followed by hot sun...the plants seem to be loving the combination.
I'm hooked!
Ronda Z., K.C.,Ks

Winn, You are right. Every day I run out the door to see what flower is going to bloom that day. I love each and every one. If you remember, I got two for my neighbor and she is so happy. And our other neighbor could not believe that the flower was real. She had to walk over to see. Anyway, I love them all. Thank you.  Janice D, Florida Keys

I ordered "Estelle K" from you a few weeks ago. It bloomed yesterday and is gorgeous. When you shipped the plant you noted that it was larger than your normal plants, which I appreciated. Also, your packing methods were far superior to those used by your competition at xxxxx- 
Incidentally, I received their plants in June and out of 6, only 1 has bloomed. To say I am disappointed with their quality is an understatement. I will be a repeat customer. My birthday is September 19th and I've told all  who ask that the perfect gift this year will be a plant from

TLHarris, Arkansas

Hi Winn,
     Just wanted to let you know how much my mother in law loved the hibiscus we ordered from you for her birthday! It arrived yesterday evening just as you said it would! She said that you had done a beautiful job of securing and wrapping it for delivery!
   She also loved the pictures that you sent her, especially the one of "Night Fire" We want to thank you so much for taking the extra time for your customers, and the time you spent in making her the picture, since she has no internet service.
   I need to warn you though!!! She is part of that Red Hat group of women, and is planning on taking it with her when it blooms! I'm sure you know about them.....their big thing is Red and Purple! they normally wear all kinds of crazy hats with red feathers on a purple hat!
   Night Fire will fit in beautifully! Hey'll have all these red hat ladies wanting to buy your hibiscus!!!!

Again....we thank you and we'll be BACK 

 Patrick and Betty D of Lillian Al.

Guess who this is ... Peggy.  My hibiscus arrived in perfect shape. 
I have never seen a plant so alive with many leaves and buds on it
coming from such a long distance, and in perfect shape.
I have told all my friends to order from you.
Jimmie and Theresa were so excited.
Thanks,  Peggy M., Kentucky

Dear Winn: I received my hibiscuses several days ago and they were in great shape.   Thanks so much for taking such care in packing them.

One of the hibiscus has a seed pod on it, which you have marked with a tag. Can this be planted, and if so, what is the proper method?

Looking forward to beautiful blooms!!

Linda A., So. Texas

Dear Winn,  Hi, it's Eve L. from NY. I ordered a Fifth Dimension from you several months ago.
I am writing to let you know that I am SO extremely happy with my hibiscus!!!! It took a while for her to grow buds, on account of the mostly sunless summer we had here in NY. BUT, she did grow some buds and tonight when I came home from the Yankee game, her second flower ever was open!!

Winn, the last flower opened 2 weeks ago. I had a party that night. Many of my friends went crazy when they saw the flower. I didn't even have to point it out to them!!

You already know what the Fifth Dimension flower looks like...but imagine seeing it for the very first time again!! I wanted to cry :) The colors...the shape and size...absolute perfection!!

I am attaching a pic of her for you to enjoy. And please feel free to use my comments on your website. I have also told people about your site and one of my coworkers ordered from you as a result!
Thanks so much!

Eve L., Lynbrook, NY

"I just received a "Hula Girl" from Winn Soldani. I'm still flummoxed by the fast service, and she came through in excellent condition. Far better than any other plants I've received by mail in the past. It was actually delivered by UPS and they usually destroy the box."

Marty B., Las Vegas

Hello Winn,  I received my hibiscus today (Louise Bennett). It came in excellent condition. All of the leaves were still in tack. The soil was still moist. It is a beautiful, very healthy looking one. I was very impressed. Once again, thank you very much. You are doing a wonderful job because I am one very satisfied customer.

I.R., St. John, US Virgin Islands


Ye gods! The Path opened up yesterday and nearly knocked us off our feet! We immediately spent the next half-hour rearranging the entire patio landscape around that plant, then sat there for hours staring agog. Wow!

Thanks so much for growing these gems. You made our Memorial Day Weekend.

Tony and Jo Anna, Little Rock, AR

Hello, Winn!
Thanks for the tour and the genuine Southern (southern Italian?) hospitality.
The South is the South is the South anywhere; and, in the South, folks are expansive and generous.  How's that for oversimplification?
I felt welcomed and, more, welcomed as a fellow professional.  I appreciated your knowledge of your subject, your no-nonsense, honest attitude, and your patience in assisting my selection process.  Hey, what can I say?  I had a good time; next time, you're on for the Cuban food. 

Michael C., R.I.

Hello Winn,
Just wanted let you know that  the La France arrived safely and none the worst for wear due to your careful packing. She is now outside, soaking in the heat and humidity; I'm going to wait a week or so before planting into the ground, unless you suggest otherwise.

I hope you enjoy your trip out west.  It's been wonderful doing business with you, I now have to decide on another beauty from your nursery.

Best regards,

Message from the middle of the Pacific
"Hi Winn,
I received the plants today and I'm very happy to see that they look great.. It took 4 days to get here and the Post Office folks apologized for  delivery. I didn't even asked for a refund cause I was just too excited to receive your Fancy Hibiscus.    
The plants were fine and looked very healthy... There's no hint of stress on them.. I can't believe how healthy they look even with the amount days and thousands of miles they had to travel... Found only 2 half yellowed leaves... I'm really please with the way you packed them and their appearance. I'm very excited... in fact I'll cut this short so I can go out and look at them again. Thanks Winn... thank you very much.."

si Brian..

"Hi Winn; Daddy's Girl arrived today, and looks great. I appreciate your efforts, and you certainly can use my name relative to satisfied customer referrals. Thanks again,"
Allan L.,  Boston, Ma.

"Winn, Thanks so much for the info and most especially for your patience and help and hospitality and expertise!  I hope I'm not 'pestering' you too much. Thanks a million !!!!"
Jax, Fl


Thank you Winn for allowing me to look at your lovely page of Hibiscus. They are thrilling. Unfortunately I am in Australia maybe that should be fortunately. I have forty Hibiscus growing none to compare with yours, my best one is Isabelle Beard. And White Kalakula ( also called Elephant Ears). Loved your page. regards  Melva.


" Mr. Winn, The UPS man delivered our plants about 1 hour ago. They arrived in perfect condition and looked like they had just came out of the show room. They are beautiful and the foliage alone is beautiful even if they don't bloom. The blooms will just be like icing on the cake!!! I was real careful unwrapping them and not one leaf was out of place. I am well pleased to say the least. I am sure we will be doing more business. All the neighbors will be envious. ha ha. 2 of my neighbors said whatever Fred gets you know it will be beautiful or he will not have it. So I will keep my reputation going with these. You are SO-O-O-O kind to send me a extra Tropical double Hula Girl. You can bet I will take good care of them. I am well pleased and will keep in touch. Thank you, and God bless you for being so kind."
Fred & Kay - The Underwood's, South Portsmouth, KY

"Dear Winn, All the Hibiscus plants have started to leaf and looks promising. Two of the cutting branches have formed roots too. Thanks for all the arrangement and it's a wonder that your plants travel from one side of the world to another without any problem. Can't wait to see them bloom. Thanks again. Keep in touch."
Stephen, Hong Kong


Hi Winn,
The plants are here! Never expected so quick. I haven't got them yet, as I wasn't at the office today. I will go get them tomorrow and I will let you know. Is a pleasure doing business with you. You are the best!

Wai-Y.C.W., Hong Kong

AFTER picking up his plants Wai writes:
Hi Winn,
All the plants look very healthy. Thank you very much. I will follow your instructions to plant them. I noticed there is a list of hibiscus, can I order them? Also thank you for those beautiful hibiscus catalogues, I will give them to my friends. They never knew hibiscus can be that beautiful!
What a wonderful experience!

Wai, Hong Kong

"Dear Winn: Just wanted you to know the plants arrived yesterday. They all arrived unharmed. The ones I ordered several weeks ago are growing nicely.

Peggy M., Mobile, Al.

Winn,      The phone message I left you last evening just didn't seem good enough thanks to show how happy I was when I saw the replacement on my front porch when I got home from work.  It's a nice looking plant and I just what to thank you again and I'm look forward placing more orders with you in the future.
Yet another HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!  Thanks again.

Dean, Chicago Suburbs

"Winn, My daughter G.A. sent me one of your beautiful Fancy Hibiscus this week for Mother's Day. It arrived in great condition and I was so excited when I received it. I've have read all of your information & instructions for taking care of it several times. I have never own a hibiscus before so I am looking forward to its first blooms next week. Thanks,"
C.J., Mobile Al.

"My plants arrived promptly, perky and perfectly packaged - there was even a Pompano Pink in bloom!!"
Ed P., Dallas, TX

"Our two plants are quite happy here.  On the larger plant, we had twins (two big blossoms) for a couple days--thought we would hand out cigars on that occasion!   Just today, I discovered a fat bud on the smaller hibiscus, and I can't wait to see it bloom!!   Neighbors are charmed with them, and I have shown them off many times.  Just wanted you to know the plants are in good hands!"

Maurine L., AZ

"I envy those who work with these beautiful plants. They are my favorites!"
Nancy M., Portland, OR

"The Fancy Hibiscus came last Wednesday, they were well packaged, they could have gone all around the world."
Sally H., Milwaukee, WI

"Enjoyed talking to you. Always enjoyed your Fancy Hibiscus. Look forward to going down to Florida one day and meeting you."
Mike K., Wolcott, CT

"Thanks for all the helpful advice on Fancy Hibiscus culture. I am very pleased at your continuous and prompt service."
Marion T., Clinton, SC

"Your plants are much larger and prettier than anything I ever bought from other greenhouses."
Virginia A., Manhattan, KS

"The plants arrived in great shape. They are healthy, bug free and vigorous. I'm always a little unsure of ordering plants by mail, you're never sure as to the quality or how the plant will arrive. Your plants are terrific. You got a winner there!."
John E., Elgin, IL

"Received my babies today. They look very healthy and the colors are magnificent! I can't wait until they all open!"
Jean I., Indianapolis, IN

Thanks so much for giving me advice on my fantasy charm even though it wasn't bought from you.  I really appreciate it.  I want to get more beautiful hibiscus and will definitely buy them from you.  I will also give your website out to everyone I know that is looking for these great plants.  I never heard back from the company it was bought from even though I've emailed them about 4 times. I just wish you could ship to California as that's where my daughter lives and she wants some for planting outside.  Oh well at least you can ship to Michigan.  Thanks again.  

Cathy O, MI

WINN,  Your success is not defined by your stock of pretty flowers and beautiful plants, or by price but by your customer knowledge and great personal service.  Stay well and Thanks.

Tony C., NY NY

"I called your 800 number and was quite impressed with your unique public relations, customer assistance, and personal ordering warmth. It was just like being at your greenhouse and talking with a fellow hibiscus enthusiast."
Maureen L., NY

"Thank you for being so helpful. It sounds like you love your work. Each morning my husband picks fresh blossoms for me. It's a great way to survive this winter."
Eileen E., Newark, NJ

Good Morning, Winn. Just letting you know that Bessie and Janys arrived in good shape yesterday, both exceptionally nice plants. Many thanks.

You'd be impressed with the scenery in my little green house, now that I have plenty of good light: seven pairs of 4-foot fluorescents, two 250-watt HP Sodium Grow Lights and two 250-watt Metal Halide Grow Lights.  As you drive toward my place, even in broad daylight, you can see the glow of my greenhouse from a quarter of a mile away.

The result is more lush foliage, buds and flowers than I've ever had before at this time of year. The place resembles a scene in Jamaica or Cuba. I've added to the illusion by perching in the overhead a couple of fake tropical birds and a monkey hanging by his tail. Then, when visiting friends and neighbors come in for a look see, I secretly press a little button and they hear the natural sounds of the tropical rain forest, coming from a concealed CD player. Great fun!


Hello, Winn Soldani. Thanks for all the recent photographs of those beautiful Hibiscus that you are offering for sale. They are absolutely magnificent and I know you will have many orders for them.

Now, that we in New Jersey can expect weather that will be safe for you to send the Hibiscus plants I ordered in February, will you advise me when I can expect to receive them so that I can purchase the necessary pots and stands in which to place them for my daughter and my growing pleasure?

Winn, my Great White Hibiscus is growing into a tree like plant. It is taller then me (5 feet)! What would you recommend that I do to have it branch out and flower from this sort of canopy, much like a tree! I know this plant loves me, because it has the most beautiful leaves that are perfect in structure: completely free of disease or insect damage! It is in a South-East sun exposure where it gets plenty of the right amount of sunshine and by the green coloring of these leaves, I know this plant is getting what it needs to enhance its growth and development ( That is why it is heading for the ceiling in my living room).

Winn, the photograph of you impresses me that you are a real naturalist( down to earth and a beautiful person) and that is why you are capable of producing such a variety of these ornamental plants for all of us purchasers to enjoy growing in and outdoors of our home's).

Thank you Winn for helping to save this planet from complete destruction of its vegetation by bringing plants back into the environment of man to replenish the oxygen being consumed by so much pollution of our ambient air.

All the best and Sincerely yours, M.E., New Jersey

HELLO AGAIN.  Flowers arrived yesterday in great shape. We put a large blanket on our den carpet so we could plant them with no wind and NO cold. Cannot wait to see them bloom. Would it be all right if I placed your web address on the emails I send out?                Thanks, Karol


Hi Winn:
I just got my new babies and I'm thrilled to death. I'm watering, watering, watering. I hope they like being talked to because I've been telling them what handsome plants they are and how well they will like living in Port Orange.
I'll be in touch because I feel the urge for more hibiscus coming on.
Thanks for making me one happy hibiscus grower.

Nancy C., Port Orange, FL


   I wanted to let you know that I received my 2 hibiscus plants last Friday as promised.  They were packaged great and had no damage.  Daddy's Girl bloom
opened for the first time yesterday (Wednesday), it was so beautiful.  I can't wait for Janys to have her first bud.  They are doing great - Really enjoying
this Texas sun and humidity.  I can't wait to do business with you again, and I will keep in touch to let you know how the plants are doing.
  Jamie K., Edna, Texas


Hi Winn. I tried the fish emulsion and using a full strength solution fertilizer on the hibiscus and the Fifth Dimension opened another flower this morning with much stronger color....  Pretty amazing response. 

This little hibiscus has really amazed me.  It has opened all four of the buds that were on it when I unpacked it.  In spite of being packed and shipped for 3 days and being on a merry go round of inside and outside here as the weather went through unseasonable swings and it got carried in and out it didn't drop it's buds. 

My original hibiscus was sent to me from a florist when my husband's father passed away a year and a half ago.  It was very large.  Covered in beautiful, peachy yellow with a red center flowers and almost immediately dropped it's leaves along with the flowers.  I cut it back.  Pampered it as best I could and it is still a pretty bush with an occasional flower.  I didn't know about keeping them a bit root bound so one of the first things that I did was put it in a nice large planter.  You know, something really HEAVY to lug in and out.  But while it seems to be doing okay and got me excited about hibiscus, it is still a very temperamental plant.  It doesn't like being moved.  It doesn't really like being inside.  It really doesn't like when it gets to be hotter than around 90.  And it displays all of it's displeasure by at least dropping buds for minor transgressions and defoliating itself for something really major.  So it sort of had me trained to think of them as really beautiful but REALLY temperamental.  I expected both the plants you sent me to drop leaves and buds and they haven't!  The Tylene hasn't put on any buds but the leaves look great.  The Fifth Dimension is just a blooming' fool. 

  Our weather seems to be settling down to about what it usually is in March now that we're a third of the way through April.  Love the flower pictures that you send me,    Luray in Texas

At least 3 of the 5 Hibiscus you sent have flowered .  . .the "Yellow Kinchen's"( Kinchen's Yellow) flowered this week !!!! . . .I had gotten 2 hibiscus from HOME-DEPOT, one a yellow, another a carmine-red, a week or so before yours arrived [couldn't resist . . .nice, bushy plants, about 15 inches wide/high, with lots of buds] that have really gorgeous flowers, for the types you find at these 'garden stores' . . . BUT I can tell right away, when the one's you sent bloom, that these are EXQUISITE.  Even though it will take a while for the plants to become 'bushy', specially selected flowers appear on the small plants! . . . CHARLIE'S ANGELS also opened, as did TYLENE .  ..  WOW WOW WOW!.

Gary M., Tulsa, OK

Hello Winn
What in the world do I do with Hibiscus that are growing into trees? Wilders White and Fiji Island have been transplanted to large pots and continue to grow in an upright fashion.  They aren't presenting any flowers, but have abundant leaves and both are approx. 2.5 feet tall!
Transplanted Louise Bennett to a larger pot and in doing so found that she was so root bound that there was almost no soil - just roots in the pot.  She also has grown tremendously!
Alii Uii  is getting close to 2 feet and has a maturing bud....................Good grief - I'm being taken over by giant Hibiscus (laugh)
best wishes!
Cadie H., Houston 

I received my Tylene hibiscus last week, and I wanted to let you know how happy I am!  I never expected such a large, healthy, and happy plant from a mail-order.  I am totally impressed!!  You do an excellent job!
She arrived in perfect condition, and she even has 4 blossoms just ready to pop open.  I immediately soaked her really well and gave her a dilute general purpose fertilizer, and placed her in a sunny window next to some other Tropical's that I started from seed (so that she wouldn't feel lonely! lol)
Thanks again, and keep up the good work...I am sure you will be getting more orders from me!  (And I have been singing your praises to my friends, trying to get them to check you out too!)
Nancy H., Minn.

Hi Winn,
        I am thrilled with the impeccable condition these plants and leaves were in, when I took them out of the box, about an hour ago.  They were in even better condition than the first shipment.  Also, the bloom on the Estelle K, which arrived 2 weeks ago, opened up this morning, and that was a HUGE thrill.
        I am feeling more confident now that I can keep these plants alive, and care for them perfectly, so they bloom beautifully.  My neighbors are sure to be asking about these when they bloom.
Just had to let you know how happy I am with the plants!!



Hey Winn.....
Just sending you some pics of my latest three hibiscus varieties that I recently purchased from you.  They are on my back porch and BOY HAS IT BEEN HOT this summer....and dry.  I have been vigilant with them, however....
"Candy" has bloomed first.  The flowers look just like in your catalog!!!!  GORGEOUS!!!!
Notice the second picture has a bud or two ("Electric Blue") and the third picture is "Country Music" with a couple of buds.  I am really excited.  They seem to have settled in really well!
Thanks again.
Cay T. P.
Morgan City, La 


Thank you Winn,
Estella K arrived in good condition. It is with the rest of hibiscus and so far doing good.
Thanks again for sending me the replacement.
Kathy B, Central IL.


Well, can't say enough about this hibiscus. She blooms and blooms and blooms. To get 5 blooms in one day is unbelievable. It's hard to get all the blooms in the picture at once and in focus. But . . . here she is.

Love my Tarantella



Iím dropping a line to let you know that my three fancy hibiscus arrived safely yesterday with every single leaf intact and green. Iím going to follow your care instructions to the tee. Iíll let you know how things turn out with them when I order more. Iíve got my eye on a few in the catalog that you sent. Thanks again.

Brenda R

Daytona Beach, Fl.

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