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Welcome to the world of Fancy Hibiscus. We hope to hear from you soon and often. We look forward to sharing our beautiful plants and blooms with you.

Below is a sampling of our finest cultivars. We have many more varieties but find that these pictures represent most color patterns and flower shapes.

Are the flowers as pretty as the pictures?? Check this out because a picture is worth a thousand words!!!

ALL FANCY HIBISCUS are TROPICAL. These plants must be protected from freezing temperatures.


Prices start at $25.00 each. We sell by variety not size, so please call Winn to check availability, sizes, and S&H costs.

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"Sizes" in descriptions are average bloom size, not size of plants!!

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  All Aglow
6 to 8 inch flower. UNFORTUNATELY this cultivar is extinct - if you like these colors and confugurations you will like Meteorite.
grower. Amber Suzanne
8 to 10 inches. Big beautiful full double metallic pink with white splashes working to white edges-out of stock
Anna Elizabeth-out of stock
8 to 10 inches. Loose double ivory white with pink body, veins and streaks. Number of petals varies daily. Spectacular flower!
8 to 10 inch flowers. Loose double. Dark red with black overtones in center and on edges. One of the best doubles ever! Great plant.
  Black Beauty
5 to 7 inches. Single red so dark it is a black purple. Grows fast. Best dark purple. Grows rapidly and used in hybridizing new varieties.
  Black Knight
6 to 8 inches. Single black/red with gold streaks. Fast grower with spectacular blooms. Australian Hibiscus of the Year.
  Burnished Gold
8 to 10 inches. Single brown, bronze center with golden mustard edge. Larger flower great  bush and  terrific bloomer.
7 to 9 inches. Single baby pink with white edges. Textured. Highly recommended. Compact grower and full bush.
  Charles Schmidt
8 to 10 inches. Single bubble-gum pink with orange edges, has spots and splashes. Low growing bush.  Former AHS Hibiscus of the Year!
  Charlie's Angels
8 to 10 inches. Single white with dark pink center. Very textured and ruffled. Very white.
  Coloring Book
7 to 9 inches. Full double. Has 7 different colors in its spectrum. Great flower and plant. Coloring Book has won many awards.
  Crimson Rays
8 to 10 inches. Single brilliant yellow with crimson eye "raying" out from center. Textured.
  Donna Lynn
 Single lavender gray with a red center and yellow edges. Out of stock. Check out Creole Lady - similar and available
  Elephant Ears
7 to 9 inches. Large double white with pink blush. Base petals are so reflexed that they look like... its name. The flower is usually as high as it is wide. Need a "hedge plant"?? This is one of the faster growing hibiscus.
5thdimsm.jpg (15971 bytes) Fifth Dimension
7 to 9 inch flowers. Single gun-metal gray-black with small red eye, white halo and veins. Orange edges turn yellow as the day progresses. Probably the most unusual hibiscus ever - certainly one of the most dramatic!
GreatWhit33small.JPG (2756 bytes) Great White
8 to 12 inches!!! Biggest, prettiest white single. Fast growing bush! Giant flower.
Halley's Comet
7 to9 inches. Sometime full double red to orange with yellow edges.
  Harvest Moon
7 to 9 inches. Beautiful golden yellow, with white center, pink overlays and sometimes orange spots. Single bloom in cool weather and full double in hot. Great bush, highly recommended.
Herm Geller
8 to 10 inches. Single umber flower with dark wine eye and lighter oranges and yellows towards edges. Best brown ever. Spectacular bush! Herm Geller has won many many BEST of Show awards.
Hula Girl
6 to 8 inches. Single bright yellow with light red center. Great bush! A.K.A. Jim Hendry. HEDGE PLANT? Need a GIFT PLANT?
7 to 10 inches. Single bright fuscia pink with metallic pink center and edge. Sometimes the body has "black" overlay. A top seller.
  Kinchen's Yellow
8 to 10 inches. Single bright lemon yellow with large white eye. Best yellow because it makes a luscious plant and blooms readily. Can't say enough about this Tropical beauty.
Maroon Stars
8 to 10 inches. Big single maroon with black (very black) center and gold splashes and spots. Ruffled petals. Textured leaves.
  Miss Liberty
7 to 9 inches. Single candy apple red with lacy edges. The color changes with the weather. Great grower. Blooms often and large.  Great for hybridizing.  Hot pollen!!
My Maria
7 to 9 inches. Loose double dazzling ochre-orange and 3 to 5 extra special petals. Spectacular! Fast upright grower.
Nanette Peach
5 to 7 inches. Loose Double. White with pink base and edges. Looks more like an iris or an orchid that a hibiscus. All time favorite.
  Norman Lee
8 to 10 inches. Best single. Bubble-gum pink with yellow edge. Spectacular. Grows to a medium sized full bush. Blooms very well. When you get your first flower, everyone in the neighborhood will be jealous!
7 to 9 inches. Very full double orange/red with coral edge. Bush is so vigorous it can be used as a hedge in sub-tropics. Best as a specimen plant in a beautiful pot.
8 to 10 inches. Best lavender. Dark wine center with gray body and pink overtones and edge. fast grower and easy bloomer.
  Sun Shower
7 to 9 inches. Spectacular enchanting and dazzling red coral single that usually has yellow streaks and splashes with pure white center.  Spectacular doesn't describe it!
check out other varieties  on Very New page
7 to 9 inches. Single gray/blue with pink eye. Always blooming. Upright plant.   "Best blue". Our number one seller.
5 to 7 inches. Marine Corps olive green (drab) with pink eye and gray halo. Textured.  Very unusual...very rare...but it does grow and bloom as well as its cousins. Out of stock.


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