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Fishing in the Florida Keys with our favorite guide on the  Ricador---305-743-6786.  His website is http://www.ricadorfishing.com/  

It was a cold day in January. The temperatures were in the low 50's @ 8 AM with 20 knots blowing but the intrepid fishermen of the Soldani Clan would not be denied.  The wind was blowing one way and the current was running another.  Capt. Rick knew that the sooner we caught fish the sooner we would go home.....so he put us on top of  Mangrove Snappers and we caught our limit of 5 each - 3 to 4 pounders- by 11:15 AM.  We were back at the dock by noon...the fish were cleaned and we were home in Pompano Beach by 3:30.  Maria baked two of Mary's larger ones and I fried up a slew of them for all to enjoy.  Life is GOOD.

Thanks Capt Rick--we have never ever blanked out on a trip with him.


Capt Rick with #1  daughter-in-law Mary from Evanston and yours truly with one of Mary's  medium sizes Mangrove Snapper
Fishing in the Florida Keys should be FUN!!!  It may have been cold but we did catch our limit of Mangrove Snappers by 11:15 AM.
JAUARY 23, 2011 WINN, III CATCHES HIS FIRST SAILFISH  with Capt Rick.  I was home sleeping off the previous day's sea sickness.


CONGRATS -- he caught two and had 3 more hooked up that got away!!


Capt Rick is the best ever-his phone number is 305-743-6786

Visitors Respond - Mike and Tanya came by for a visit...check out what they had to say.  

FLEMINGS FLOWERING FIELDS -  great perennial hibiscus hybridizers and specialists in Hardy Hibiscus, dwarfed perennial hibiscus and crepe myrtles...maybe one day they will hybridize a cold tolerant tropical...is that possible?

Memorial Garden for my mother Rosie Davis--first purchase


CEDRIC from the Oakland Park Home Depot helped us select a great rose to start my mom's Memorial Garden... Thanks Cedric!


Called TOURNAMENT of ROSES  a tea rose...hey, man does not live by hibiscus alone.


WildThings Rescue Nursery - Dawn has perennial hibiscus and lots of other neat plants.



International Palm Society
International Carnivorous Plant Society, Inc.
National Tropical Botanical Garden
Palms of the World
Tropical Rain Forest Coalition

"How to Care for Houseplants".  (Over 2,900 listings........each displaying a page of care information with photos

Fairchild Tropical Gardens 

List of American Universities (look up Home Pages and email directories on the Web)

Fascinating artwork for horticultural enthusiasts, gardeners, or anyone who enjoys flowers and plant life.  Also,  Amelia seems like a neat person. 

The Jo Williams Hibiscus, available only from Winn Soldani's FANCY HIBISCUS ™  is featured on the cover of  A Garden Diary:  A Guide to Gardening in South Florida by Bob Haehle & M.E. DePalma. 
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