ZOň MARIA , our first granddaughter. Born 12-17-2000.

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Zoe Key board.jpg (20060 bytes) A Web Master in training!
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THE above 3 pictures were taken on her 3 month anniversary...3-17-01

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She's only 5 weeks old here.

Papi mami Zoe.jpg (19497 bytes) ZOň meets her Great-grandparents in Pompano Beach...she flew down for her first visit when she was 4 1/2 months old.
papi Zoe.jpg (21755 bytes) Papi playing with ZoŽ
ZOň is a happy baby--very intense but smiley. ZOE 5,01.JPG (11119 bytes)
Zoe Tree.jpg (24485 bytes) Grandpa holding ZOň as her proud mother looks on... the Jacaranda tree in our front yard is in full bloom and the tropical fragrance is wonderful.
Father's Day 2001 in Boulder, CO. She's exactly 5 months old here and loving every second!!! zoe making a mess.jpg (18514 bytes)
Whipper.JPG (23713 bytes) ZOň and Dr. Missy playing in Boulder CO where it's nice and cool.
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Zoe6mo3.jpg (17144 bytes) ZoŽ at 6 months --- starting to teethe (has 3 already) and dribble all over. She's always tying to stand up...her hair may be turning red like her dad's.
ZoeXmashat.jpg (22128 bytes) ZoŽ's  Christmas picture- 2001. She spent the holidays in Biloxi, Ms visiting the other side of her family...sharing isn't fun.
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Zoe_good1d2.JPG (12011 bytes) St. Paddy's day with the grandparents--15 months old and in constant motion.
zoe at cabos.jpg (39926 bytes) Zoe at 16 months with Mommy and Jessica, a babysitter/student...notice the Mickey Mouse toy. A Disney fan in the making!


We're expecting our first cold front of the year. Temperatures are projected to drop down to the mid 60's.  Brrrrr!!   Zoe is 21 months old tomorrow 10/17/02


COULDN'T pass up on this picture....Zoe has moved down to Ft. Lauderdale and we see her daily.  How does a 21 month old child get her hair wet while brushing her teeth? 
27 months old with Daddy--guess what side of the family her red hair comes from??  
FINALLY....... we have the "ZOE " picture we have been waiting for! She's 25 months old .... Jan 20th '03 at her Uncle's 35th birthday party.  Thank you Aunt Mary.


SNOW WHITE --2 1/2 years old and a princess in every way.
  Everybody loves Zoe -- Venetian is a dancer in Epcot's presentation of Masquerade in "Italy"-- Zoe dances and plays with Venetian -- notice ZoŽ's impromptu  gloves....August 2003 - Zoe is 32 months old and a baby something is expected in January.


Is it Zoe or Minnie Mouse?
ZOE ZOE looks like a princess even in black and white. 3/5/04 she's  almost 39 months old.
The flower  is called SANTANA