Visitors-- You are always welcomed here at Fancy Hibiscus.  Drop by and see what's blooming.


Below are friends who have taken the time to say HELLO!

Denise and hubby from Boca Raton visited last weekend -Thanks!! 
   Elina and Ingeborg  and their husbands Glen and Alex, drove over from Ft. Myers to see our flowers.  We met Ingeborg at a hibiscus show we did in Washington, DC back in 1989!!  Ingeborg has  bought plants and grows our Fancy Hibiscus even though she now lives in Canada.  Thanks for keeping in touch Inge!


Lisa and Kevin drove down from Lake Park in West Palm Beach to add to their fancy Hibiscus collection.  Great visit on a nice Spring afternoon.


Tony C, a Ft. Lauderdale designer/architect brought his family visiting from Houma ,La. Welcome Evelyn and Dennis.
Lou and Gail A.  from the Greater New Orleans Area were visiting family in Miami proper and came by on their way home to check out our Fancy Hibiscus...they went home with a bunch of plants and more than a handful of flowers.. and YES we had chance to eat Cuban food.


Kit Curtin is a Biologist and  a  leading authority on Manatees.  Based in Key Largo she travels the Southeast studying the Manatees and her travels brought her to see our Fancy Hibiscus. Thanks Kit! And we look forward to following your worthy endeavors to save these wonderful creatures.


Vicky and Burt drove   to Pompano Beach from North Miami Beach (only 25 minutes away) with Amanda and Mona...They went home with plants and extra flowers.. what a joy!


Susan and Tom S.    bought their first Fancy Hibiscus from us about 7 years ago when they were living in Indiana.   They were on a business trip in So. Florida  when they decided to drop by.   We had a great time talking hibiscus and picking  favorites  to take to their new home in the Atlanta area.


George and Barb BS from Naples, Fl  took a relaxing drive across Alligator Alley and the Everglades on a Monday morning to see our Fancy Hibiscus.  Of course they took time to eat Cuban food on the way home.


From Hobart, In. we had Wally and Doris J. and his brother Bruce and Pat J.  They bought plants for their winter homes in New Smyrna Beach Fl and others to be shipped in the Springtime.  A very nice visit with nice people.  



Carey and Ron were in Boca Raton  from Pittsburgh and dropped by to get plants and to say hello--Thanks!!


Alix and Bob came down from West Palm Beach on a bright January Saturday...this is what south Florida is all about!
Tanya & Mike came from Russia and settled down in Ft. Lauderdale,  They are growing a tropical botanical garden on their property that consists of hundreds of tropical species, some of them are rare and exotic.  They like to brag that their place is "Home of a gazillion plants".

Of course, they were WOWED by our Fancy Hibiscus!


Jim and Pat Gustafson  from Hot Springs Ar.  Jim has been buying Fancy Hibiscus for over 12 years and finally made it down to visit.  If you are ever  close to Hot Springs drop in on Jim at  Granny's Restaurant.
Sr. Julio Valdes from Panama with co-workers Melania and Lilibeth.   

   Nephew Billy from Lake Charles La. with his beautiful wife Olya, taking home plants.  Olya is a new arrival from Odessa in the Ukraine and is adapting well to life in Louisiana...except to Cajun seasoning.....

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This is the from the 40 ft Jacaranda tree that Maria has grown from seed and is the center of our front yard landscape.


IGGY the Iguana is our resident Bug-Zapper.  He is spotted periodically chomping on red hibiscus.  I've actually seen him jumping up trying to catch Schizopetalus blooms, the ones that look like Chinese Lanterns.  We figure he's about 4 feet long.  Just one of the locals here in tropical South Florida.


VISITORS from Minnesota!! Greg and Kay D. visiting with their friend Carol (holding flower)  .....of course we had to eat CUBAN that day ...I think  Greg plans his visits more for  the Cuban food than for the plants.


Fred came to visit during the cold weather of Christmas week--notice the jacket.  Must have been at least 68 degrees that afternoon. B-r-r-rrr!


Kelly from Belle Rose, Louisiana came by to visit us and pick up plants. Here she'd holding up a coconut I'm send back to her Aunt in Labatville, La.
Here's Jarrett holding the coconut for Grand Aunt Myrtrice!



More pictures soon...I promise.